If you want to go to a sex club, it's really easy; all you have to do is just get a plane ticket to Miami and drive around until you see a building with the secret sex club symbol on the side of it. Or you could just watch this hot Miami club porn movie here at In the VIP. Honestly, between the two In the VIP might not be as fulfilling, but it is the one that makes the most fiscal sense. If you want more, we actually managed to find even more footage of one of the babes at the club over at GF Revenge, in the post labeled "Hot Curvy Blonde Porn Video"


Hey, what's up? Thanks for coming to the In the VIP blog. Today, we have for you a Free MILF Club Porn Sex that we think you might just enjoy. In the video, these MILFs crash a local Miami club (you know how bitching Miami clubs can be) and they take off all of their clothes and begin to fuck on the dance floor. It is honestly one of the hottest things we have seen in the longest time, and we hope that you enjoy it. Our favorite part of the Free MILF Club Porn Sex is when one of the chicks takes it up the ass...it's so raunchy!


You walk down South Beach, and you can see that Miami is a city that is built on one thing; sex. That, and coral rock...but mostly sex. That's why today we are giving props to the magic city by showing you this totally awesome Sexy Miami Club Porn. In the video, these sexy Latina chicks show up at the club in sexy tight clothes and leave the club wearing nothing at all! We can watch this Sexy Miami Club Porn all day, and we have a feeling that you can too if you were to just give it a chance!


Costume Party Blow Job

Today at In the VIP we travel over to Miami for a very special party in which we managed to get footage of a costume party blow job! The chicks in this video love three things; dancing on the dance floor, making Dare Dorm mobile porn, and dressing up. With this costume party blow job party, they actually get a chance to combine all three of their pastimes, isn't that nice? You can't hate anybody for living their dream!


If you havenít partied with Icey Mike Imber, than you havenít partied at all! During a recent trip down to Miami Beach, FL with some girlfriends of mine, we had bumped into Mike Imber aka Icey Mike. He told us that he will be renting out an entire club for an exclusive party he was hosting for the weekend coming up. At first we thought this random guy was just pulling our legs, but the more we talked with him the more the party sound pretty interesting. He did tell us that it was an adult party and there will be some chicks willing to do more than dancing.

Also that the party will be filmed, which he explained that we will have to sign paperwork stating that we were ok with the filming and the content of the party. That was ok by us and there was absolutely no pressure from him that we would have to get naked or have sex.† A few days later a limousine picked us up at the hotel (which was a nice), and it was filled with gorgeous chicks and a few guys that had the party going already. We arrived at the private club and the music was amazing, open bar, and a chill atmosphere. Everyone was hyped, talking, drinking, and shaking their ass in no time. Icey Mike Imber and the boys were lots of fun and made everyone feel comfortable.†

Soon enough I felt very relax and truly began enjoying myself. I was dancing with other chicks and made out with a few too. I even lost my friends for a bit because they went off and did their thing. At one point I caught some people having sex and oral sex. I was cool with watching all of that stuff, at one point I even smacked a girlís ass while she was giving head. Mike Imber told us that was one of the craziest nights he had seen in a while and to be honest it was one of the sexiest and arousing club parties I have ever been too. I had an incredible time and this experience was truly InTheVip status!

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Drunk Club Girls Porno

Hey everybody, it's Skylar here, and we just got back from Miami from one of the most epic parties we ever had! There where horny drunk club girls all over the place, and let me tell you...when girls in Miami get drunk, they began to do whatever it takes to have sex! We have gig after gig of amateur mobile porn videos featuring sweet girls from the 305 just grinding and stripping on the dance floor! Trust me, guy...I've been to In the VIP parties like this all over the country, and I haven't seen drunk club girls like this in a long time!


Chicago Fuck Party Porno

This week in the windy city, In the VIP discovers that it is not only trees that are getting blown, we have guys getting blown right there on the dance floor! During a super hot Chicago fuck party, we have made more iPad porn than we know what to do with! In case you are wondering, we head right towards Chi-town because it is home of the best Pizza in the world, the Shedd Aquarium and some of the best-looking girls that we have EVER seen! You should really check out the way these girls grind at the dance floor, we have never seen girls fuck like this, and our home offices are based in MIAMI! So, if you really want to check out this Chicago fuck party, then In the VIP is the place!

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