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There's no word as of yet of when the late rapper, Tupac a.k.a Makaveli's sex tape will be released, however, there's specific details of what went down in this sex tape of Tupac that took place in 1991 in a house party that was packing with galore of sexy, female fans of Tupac a.k.a Makaveli.

Tupac is wearing his pants or better yet letter them hang down to his ankles, he's also, shirtless as he makes his pick of a girl. Once he chooses the girl/groupie she proceeds to give him oral sex openly in the house party, meanwhile one of Tupac's songs that's never been heard or released is jamming in the background. Tupac is singing a long to his song as well as dancing while getting head.

On top of getting head, singing and dancing, he's also, smoking a blunt and having a drink, but that's not all, folks, he also, strikes up a conversation with Money B and still the devoted groupie is still going at it with a vengeance.

People, especially fans of the sensational and bad ass hip hop artist: Tupac a.k.a Makaveli are going wild over this sex tape that is still to be finally released. Not only is Tupac getting a mean ass blow job while managing to do countless of other stuff but there's a never before heard song bumping in the background. This is special edition material for Tupac, die hard fans. We love Tupac and honestly we can't wait till we get our hands on his sex tape.

Rumor is there might be a second sex tape, due to the ending of the first sex tape the we anxiously anticipate. It ends as Tupac looks like he's about ready to fuck and pleasure his groupie that so devotedly and graciously performed oral sex while Tupac sang, danced, conversed, smoked and drank.

This morning some photos from Tupac's Sex Tape have been revealed, check them out below, also, you may want to
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